“Minimal touch is minimalist jewellery inspired by geometry, small details, the casual look and the style I love. First came the cube earrings – just 4 mm in size – tiny but so special! I wanted a charming dot close to the face to brighten up the look, but the whole philosophy was: the girl is important – the jewellery comes after. It does not live a separate life, it only comes alive when it is dressed up.

I wanted to accessorise my neck with earrings, so I created pendants to help me walk through life with ease, strength and courage. They are also just an addition to a woman’s natural beauty. Also close to the face. Also, the barely visible but so special: pearls, coral, amber, royal garnets, lazurites, crystals, onyx, and many more magical ones. They have all taken up residence in the Minimal touch online shop – to make shopping convenient, pleasant and stress-free.

As much as I love beautiful stones, I couldn’t resist the enchanting soft glow of gold and silver. And then I was inspired to create the Golden touch collection. Here, gold and silver speak softly but expressively – through a variety of forms. A heart, a cross, a square, a circle or a drop… And if you land a diamond on your favourite shape – isn’t that jewellery magic?

The collection of handmade jewellery has been expanding, and soon the online shop was filled with fine bracelets. So small and delicate, but truly unique. They are designed to reveal the beauty of the feminine hand and accompany you every day. Handmade silver bracelets with cute gemstone beads are the real highlight of the jewellery box. Aquamarine, smoky or rose quartz, moonstone, carnelian, agate, turquoise, amethyst or any other? I believe that you will find the one stone that is your personality among the wide range.

I like to play with different materials and shapes and create in my own way, unseen, different. Therefore, gold and silver earrings were added to the collection of handmade products. Comfort fitting ones close to the ear and fidgety hanging ones. From the classic round and square to the divine long or star-shaped. Silver, gold, diamond, pearl, or perhaps the union of the best of all – an oxidised silver base, a yellow gold undertone and a diamond top? I invite you to discover your favourite combination or to create it with me by placing an order in advance.

The only thing missing from the perfect jewellery box were the rings. They were born with great love, patience and drive. For everyday, for engagements and even for weddings – connecting across the ages. No monotony, no standards – these blossoms are the fruit of original creativity. Handmade using the highest quality materials, they will look spectacular for years. Do you like accents in dark colours? Choose rings in oxidised silver set with a gold plate, a luxurious garnet stone, a fine pearl or a royal diamond. Classic lovers will love a light gold ring with a white pearl or an intertwined gold and silver combination. I make my rings personally, so who knows – maybe you’ll soon have a piece of jewellery of incredible beauty?

I’m glad you found my shop. Dress up and celebrate life!

With warmest wishes,

Renata Jaku

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