Subtle and cute, handmade bracelets in an elegant minimalist style for women who love modern minimalism.
Choice of women’s bracelets
A fine silver chain with a luxurious-looking accent – rose quartz, tiger’s eye, pearl, moonstone, garnet, rock crystal, onyx, lapis lazuli, or any other accent – on your wrist, will look elegant and appealing. The bracelets will blend in with any style, whether you’re wearing a little black dress or a loose-fitting t-shirt.

We make extremely feminine handmade jewellery with great love and infinite care, thinking about every detail. We offer a wide variety of good energy stones, which we have specially selected in the belief that each of you can find exactly what you are looking for in our shop. Choose the magic stone of your dreams and let your unique personality blossom!

If you want to brighten your mind and take in new energy, buy a bracelet with rock crystal. The onyx stone will help you to strengthen your resolve and fight for your dreams with even more courage, and will become your true magical talisman. Rose quartz will give unconditional love for yourself and others, smoky quartz will relieve tension and stress, tiger’s eye will give courage and restore balance, garnet will calm and protect. A handmade bracelet decorated with an agate stone will free you from emotional bitterness and tension, while an aquamarine stone will encourage you to complete your work in a positive way and encourage you to seek new goals.

The cube moonstone will inspire courage for a fresh start, and if you choose an amethyst bracelet, you’ll feel calm and confident about your decisions. The never-out-of-fashion pearls will bring happiness and peace in the family, the kyanite stone will restore the silence of being and inner peace, and the red carnelian stone will not only emphasise sexuality but also help you to concentrate on difficult tasks. For those who aspire to careers or educational heights, a silver handmade bracelet with a labradorite stone of strength and perseverance will bring success. And if you’d like to thank your closest girlfriends for their loyal friendship, surprise them with stylish handmade jewellery featuring the truest friendship stone – blue lazurite.

Our handmade bracelets, embellished with precious stones and minerals, combine very tastefully with our other handmade products – whether they are charming earrings or delicate rings – to create the perfect jewellery set.
Handmade bracelets online
Save your time and shop online – and we’ll make sure your parcel arrives on time, whether you’re in Vilnius, Šiauliai, Utena, Šakiai or Kaunas.

Jewellery with special energy to make your everyday life special. Choose a mineral with a secret message just for you, and see for yourself its multiple effects.

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