Handmade amber bracelets will warm you up on the coldest day with memories of a seaside holiday.

The uniqueness of amber jewellery
This is jewellery for women who like exclusivity, where tradition meets modernity. The Minimal touch bracelets with amber beads are just that – unique and versatile. The amber stone hides a rich history and a wealth of secrets, and the look of this jewellery perfectly reflects the style of the modern minimalist. It’s really smart to buy bracelets for both everyday and festive occasions – just think, you won’t have to worry about what to wear at all. These handmade silver bracelets will go with any outfit combination!
Amber is considered to be the stone of the free and loving soul. It frees you from past attachments and guilt, giving you peace and reassurance. Amber is particularly suited to creative personalities, as it has long been believed to help summon inspiration. It is a vibrantly coloured stone that is appreciated worldwide. Amber is believed to bring harmony and happiness in marriage, helping to avoid unnecessary arguments between couples.

Manufacture of jewellery
Our jewellery is made from only the finest materials. All jewellery is handmade with great love and infinite care. We believe that personal time with loved ones is the most precious currency, so it’s not worth wasting it in supermarket queues. That’s why we’ve created a user-friendly online shop where shopping is a pleasure. Simple, fast and convenient. And you’ll also save money when you buy online. We invite you to buy beautiful bracelets with your favourite stones – amber, aquamarine, garnet, smoky quartz, lazurite or any other – at a very attractive price that is affordable for everyone!
We will deliver your chosen products within a few days to any city in Lithuania – from Alytus to Klaipėda or Šiauliai. Our express courier service will make sure your jewellery arrives safely and we will pack it in an elegant branded box. Perhaps this will be the most beautiful gift for a dear woman? Or a little self-indulgence? Let every day be a reason to smile!