Handmade silver bracelets with lazurite will enchant every melancholic soul. These bracelets will transport you to sweet dreams and give your thoughts a heavenly peace.
The distinctive colour of lazurite stone
Blue-coloured lazurite is a stone of harmony and restraint. The blue colour is calming and relaxing, so wearing a bracelet with lazurite makes it easy to detach yourself from the distractions of the outside world and immerse yourself in pleasant reflection or meditation.

Handmade jewellery with lazurite is the perfect gift for women seeking a close connection with nature. Lazurite is the stone of loyal, strong, sensitive personalities. A gemstone of special powers, it will help you to purify your emotions, to speak the truth with courage, and to increase your sensitivity to the experiences of loved ones.

Lazurite has earned the title of the Stone of Friendship. Give yourself a beautiful handmade bracelet and surprise your best friend with it. Elegant feminine jewellery will not only strengthen your bond, but also remind you of your never-abandoning, faithful soulmate.
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