If the most feminine gemstone were to be chosen, the moonstone, which has a special energy, would definitely be in the running for this title.
Why choose Handmade moonstone bracelets?
A bright gemstone that brings faith and peace is the choice of a woman seeking inner rebirth.

Moonstone bracelets will help you open up and be true to yourself. A true treasure from nature, it will encourage you to dare to show your feelings, calm your mind, remove tension and revive your intuition. Handmade moonstone bracelets will balance your feelings and relieve you from overly heated emotions.

Silver bracelets with a pure moonstone or the extraordinary combination of a moonstone and a fiery kyanite on your wrist will look very attractive and enhance your feminine charisma.

“Minimal touch handmade jewellery is not only a magnet for the eyes of those around you, but is also very practical. Bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces can be worn with both casual and festive styles, so you won’t have to worry about what to wear today.
Fast and convenient shopping
Buy exclusive jewellery online and avoid the hassle of queuing in shops. Here you can choose and decide with peace of mind, and thanks to the very attractive prices, you will also save a lot of money! You will receive your lovely handmade jewellery without even leaving your home – carefully packed parcels are delivered by express delivery throughout Lithuania, from Vilnius to Šakiai, Zarasai and Plungė.

Because femininity suits you!