Rose quartz is considered to be a symbol of true, enduring love. Rose quartz jewellery will teach you to love and appreciate yourself, and at the same time to love the wonderful world.

The perfectly matching elements – a silver chain and a rose quartz that radiates softness – create a fantastic combination. Handmade rose quartz bracelets were born to embody the feminine tenderness of the soul and dispel any fears. Rose Quartz heals heart wounds, relaxes and helps feminine tenderness to emerge.

Wearing rose quartz bracelets, you will feel its special powers – your sense of beauty and creativity will be heightened, false love and false friends will be out of your way. Rose Quartz will help you to strengthen emotionally, attract new feelings for lonely souls, and give confidence to those in love.

Jewellery with rose quartz will become your everyday talismans. If you want a highly original, elegant piece of handmade jewellery, choose a bracelet with the unmistakable duo of rose quartz and rock crystal. Rose quartz will dispel anxiety and surround you with longed-for inner peace, while rock crystal will inspire positive energy.

Rose quartz bracelets are perfect for every occasion – feel free to pair them with a festive dress or a casual outfit. Whether you’re wearing a mesmerising silk dress or a cosy wool sweater, handmade jewellery will make you feel super feminine every day. The beauty of the bracelets is further enhanced by the Minimal touch rose quartz neckpiece.

Each of our jewellery pieces is an exquisite work of art, created with great love and care. All our handmade products with a variety of stones – from Lithuanian amber to exotic turquoise – are available online at very affordable prices. We guarantee the highest quality and fast delivery to any city in Lithuania – from Kaunas, Jonava, Marijampolė to Šiauliai and Kretinga. Buy without any worries!

Handmade jewellery for your sensual moments.