Every woman has crazy dreams, personal daily rituals and… little secrets only she knows. That’s what true, disarming femininity is all about – a little mystery, a dash of intrigue and a lot of feminine charm.

Bracelets with smoky quartz – a unique style detail
Your enchanting mystery will be further enhanced by our special handmade bracelets with smoky quartz. Smoky Quartz is a gemstone of extraordinary power, opening pathways to love, creativity, intuition and a sense of self-worth. A bracelet with smoky quartz will free you from various attachments, fears and guilt. Choose this jewellery and be amazed at how even the most depressing emotions will fade away into good, inspiring energy.
The light silver bracelet and dark smoky quartz are a classic combination of contrasting shades that will look very luxurious on your wrist. Choose between a round gemstone that reveals softness and a smoky quartz in a cube shape that catches the eye. The beauty of the bracelet will be even more pronounced when paired with Minimal touch neck jewellery with smoky quartz.

Bracelets with smoky quartz online
Custom jewellery with smoky quartz, or perhaps a black pearl or garnet, can be yours at the click of a few buttons – we invite you to buy it in our online shop. Whether you are from Vilnius or Kėdainiai, our express courier service will deliver your exquisite handmade jewellery to your home safely and quickly.
Because you deserve it!