When you choose exclusive handmade tiger eye bracelets, you’ll not only look stunning, but you’ll also give yourself all-round protection. The Tiger’s Eye gemstone will protect you from negative energies, external dangers and help you find your way to personal success.
The stylish handmade bracelets with tiger’s eye are jewellery that brings spiritual harmony, optimism and insightful thoughts. The Tiger’s Eye stone will awaken the body’s energy and drive away intrusive thoughts.
Tiger’s eye jewellery will bring good luck to your work life and help you make only prudent financial decisions. The magical gemstone will warm up the relationship between the couple, giving the lovers an understanding of each other without words.
The calming, concentrating tiger stone bracelets are particularly suited energetically to women seeking stability in life. The magical Tiger Stone will help you to pay attention to the important details, concentrate your will and overcome trivial fears. Handmade bracelets with a tiger’s eye, pearls, moonstone, amethyst or any other magical gemstone from our Menu can be the most memorable gift of all! Treat the woman you love to high quality, long-lasting jewellery on a special occasion or when she doesn’t expect it! Ultra-feminine, stylish minimalist jewellery that will capture every lady’s heart. Buy unique handmade Minimal touch jewellery hassle-free online, no matter where or when you are. We will deliver your carefully packed jewellery beauties in just a few days to any corner of Lithuania – from Vilnius, Kaunas to Klaipėda or Telšiai! When else but now to taste the real taste of life?