Elegant handmade jewellery with stones – inspired by modern women who prefer minimalism in their daily life and style. They go through life with ease and fun, appreciating every minute and never doubting that less is more.
That’s exactly what these Minimal touch handmade jewellery pieces are – light, graceful, simple, yet luxurious, thought out down to the last detail, designed to delight, inspire, calm and protect.
The stones used in our jewellery are special, high-value gifts straight from nature. Nature’s eternal treasures contain a wealth of magical powers that have been admired around the world for centuries!
To share a little bit of magic with you, we’ve created a whole bouquet of jewellery featuring a variety of gemstones, from the delicate aquamarine, to the traditional amber, to the attention-grabbing black pearl, to the mighty talismanic smoky quartz.

Variety of handmade jewellery with stones
Each stone is full of different metaphysical qualities, so choose the jewellery that is right for you, focusing on what you most want to enrich your life with – peace, clarity, creativity, health, faith or love.
Handmade necklaces, charming earrings, mysterious-looking rings and bracelets with a piece of nature on the wrists will envelop you in their strengthening power and give you only the brightest thoughts.
For those looking for inner harmony, a handmade piece of amethyst, the stone of peace, will be most suitable. A pendant, earrings, a ring and a bracelet studded with fabulous pearls will also make you feel better and protect you from illness. A handmade bracelet or neck jewellery with an agate stone will provide stability.

The duo of rock crystal and rose quartz, united on a beautiful silver bracelet chain, will heal the old wounds of the soul and allow you to open up to new, intoxicating feelings without fear. And a handmade neckpiece with a Labradorite gemstone in Sea Blue, Moonflower or White Rose will stimulate your creativity and help you express your unique originality.
For even more handmade jewellery with special stones, and to find out more about the unique power of each one, please select the category you are interested in from our extensive, constantly updated Menu.
Experiment and mix and match pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets adorned with different stones, or choose a set of the same stone to enhance its esoteric significance.

Quick and convenient online shopping for handmade jewellery with natural stones
Shopping in our online shop is extremely convenient and smart. Here, you’ll not only save a lot of time, but also money – we offer high quality, handmade products at very affordable prices. We promise that we will lovingly and carefully pack your fine, minimalist jewellery and have it delivered to your city or town of residence at the speed of light by our wonderful courier service.
Adorn yourself with stunning handmade stone jewellery and unleash your inner Goddess!

Because this is the best time to be happy!