Handmade garnet jewellery is a very aesthetic, exclusive and very feminine choice. Charming silver fused with garnet gemstones creates a spectacular combination – delicious to the eyes and even sweeter for the soul.

Unique properties of granite stone
Garnet stone holds a special power – it is a true guarantee of peace of mind. A woman wearing garnet jewellery of extraordinary qualities will be protected from negative emotions, chaotic decisions and inhibiting fears. The pomegranate will inspire joy and love for the world. Handmade garnet jewellery that women admire will help you see the tiny miracles in everyday things. Don’t doubt the significance of this magical stone – the courage brought by the garnet will allow you to create the life of your dreams, fulfilling even your deepest desires.
Garnet jewellery looks very charming and is very practical. You won’t need different jewellery for every occasion – these jewellery pieces can be worn with a loose-fitting jumper or a festive dress. Garnet jewellery will make you look great wherever you go, whether you’re going on a date or to an important business meeting.

Variety of granite jewellery
The magnificence of garnet stone has inspired us to present it in as many different forms as possible. So you’ll find a whole bouquet of garnet jewellery in our store, from neck jewellery that enhances a woman’s appeal to fine bracelets and exquisite rings.

This fine, handmade ring in oxidised silver is sure to become the mystery woman’s favourite everyday companion. The silver bracelet with a garnet bead will accentuate feminine beauty and reveal light, graceful hand movements. And the garnet stone pendants with their elegantly elegant neckpieces will give every woman complete self-confidence. If you’re looking for a unique jewellery set for yourself or a loved one, you won’t go wrong with a ring and bracelet, a bracelet and neck jewellery, or a disarming ring, bracelet and neck jewellery set.
Our jewellery making is a meticulous process, with a lot of love and care. We use only the highest quality materials, which is why we guarantee all our products.

Exquisite jewellery with granite in the online shop
We invite you to buy unique jewellery online. The convenient and modern online shop allows you to shop wherever and whenever you want. Not only will you save yourself precious time, but you will also be able to buy exceptional jewellery at the most attractive prices.
Dress up and enjoy life’s sweet moments!