Handmade hematite jewellery for women with strong personalities. Dark and mysterious, the hematite stone is a powerful talisman that will symbolise your magical connection to nature.

Exclusive hematite jewellery for women
Enchanting hematite jewellery will allow your charisma to shine through and your femininity to blossom in all its colours. Silver jewellery with hematite beads in different shapes and sizes, which are particularly attractive around the neck, will satisfy every woman’s exquisite taste. A tiny cube-shaped or beautiful round hematite bead will subtly accentuate your attractiveness and arouse the curiosity of others. The larger hematite cubic stone on the neck will look very seductive and the combination of two sparkling beads will be a sign of good taste and courage.
Hematite is the stone of women with fiery souls. Ladies with a passion for life and a love for what they do, dressed in hematite jewellery, will shine stunningly. Handmade hematite jewellery will give you even more vitality and strength to keep moving forward. Known for its antidepressant properties, Hematite is a luxurious stone that will relieve you of stress and tension, and bring you to fully enjoy the moment you are in right here and now. Hematite neck jewellery is especially suitable for women who work in mentally demanding jobs – scientists, managers, businesswomen and professionals in various fields. Giving a hematite stone jewellery piece with a unique meaning to a dear woman, friend or lover will give her courage and strength and banish any unnecessary fears.

Unique jewellery online
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Luxury pieces can become part of your everyday routine – stone jewellery blends effortlessly into any outfit, and its minimalist style allows you to dress it up for both casual days and special occasions.
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