Pearls in handmade jewellery, a timeless classic, reveal a different face than usual – very modern and minimalist. We are convinced that ladies who appreciate originality will love silver jewellery with luxurious pearls at first sight.

Jewellery with Pearl – colours and properties
Our jewellery range includes many different and eye-catching pearls. The classic white pearl, the mysterious grey pearl, the exquisite black pearl and the specially shaped baroque pearl will perfectly accentuate each woman’s unique style. Choose your favourite pearl and accessorise with it on any occasion!

Stylish pearl jewellery for a new look
Silver bracelets with pearl or pearl and onyx beads will give you a cosy feeling and reveal elegant hand movements. Even if you’ve been avoiding rings, we promise you that an oxidised silver ring adorned with a tiny river pearl will be hard to stand out! This ring is not only very comfortable to wear, but also extremely stylish.
Your style will shine even more if you add unique pearl neck jewellery. Pearl pendants close to the neck or longer pearl pendants with a longer chain will reveal feminine grace and accentuate the fine lines of the body.

Pearls are also known for their special significance. These gemstones are believed to bring harmony, understanding and happiness into the lives of every couple. A woman wearing pearl jewellery will surround herself and others with love, faith and tenderness. Pearl’s esoteric qualities and good energy will help you to establish inner balance, grow self-confidence and confidently lead you towards the fulfilment of your desires.

Convenient online shopping for pearl jewellery
Handmade pearl jewellery will be one of the most wonderful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or the big day of the year. But don’t forget to treat yourself to some fabulous jewellery too – especially as our online shop offers a special price!
Buying online is easy and convenient. Here you will find not only a wide selection of jewellery, very affordable prices, convenient payment, but also very fast delivery to all Lithuanian cities!
“Minimal touch – jewellery by modern goddesses.