Gold earrings have always been a special adornment for women. It is a very luxurious and elegant touch of gold. However, Minimal touch products don’t follow any rules – we don’t agree that gold is only for mature women. That’s why we’ve created very youthful gold earrings for the modern woman. Someone who looks for exclusivity in jewellery, but at the same time appreciates the eternally fashionable, subtle classics.

The yellow gold earrings with diamonds are a high quality and precious handmade product that will leave no one indifferent. We’re sure that yellow gold combined with sparkling diamonds will inspire an even greater passion for life. The square gold plate and the brilliant diamond that lands on top will envelop you in a veil of luxury, helping your feminine beauty and charisma shine through. The perfect gift for a wise woman, these handmade gold earrings will grace any occasion.

Expressive earrings in oxidised silver with gold detailing for those who adore originality. Here, dark silver contrasts playfully with yellow gold. These handmade earrings are at once luxurious and simple, making them the perfect choice for the woman who wants lightness in her jewellery box. A true minimalist’s treasure, these earrings will complement any outfit combination, whether it’s a tight-fitting dress or a cosy cashmere sweater.

Gold earrings will inspire confidence and allow you to move firmly towards your goals. Give them to yourself or to a woman you love to express your immense gratitude. Maybe it’s your mum, best friend or sister? Yellow gold in all its pure beauty is revealed in earrings of various shapes. Choose from circular, square, cross earrings or express your preference in person. Gold jewellery can take on so many new faces and shapes! It’s not for nothing that legends about this precious metal are already circulating. Gold is definitely worth it.

We believe that meticulous handcrafting and fidelity to a distinctive style are the strengths of our consistent work. We invite you to shop online and avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded supermarkets. After all, it’s very convenient to shop online! Here you will find different categories of jewellery, including gold pendants, a favourite among customers. Maybe today is the day when the most magical jewellery combination is born?

Lots of new golden faces – with Minimal touch.