Black pearl neck jewellery is destined to become your favourite. These are very special and very luxurious pieces of jewellery – we promise you will love them at first sight.
A black pearl on a woman’s neck looks particularly beautiful. This rare stone leaves no one indifferent and its esoteric properties have been revered for centuries. With its magical powers, the black pearl helps to bring out the strongest sides of the personality. It is a gemstone that gives peace in love. A woman who chooses black pearl jewellery will learn to accept her feelings and free herself from anxious thoughts. Pearls help you understand your true self, free you from doubt and bring you financial success.
“Minimal touch jewellery is designed on the principle of less is more. Our jewellery invites women to have an intimate conversation with themselves. Handmade jewellery with natural stones will help you to reveal your personality strengths, awaken your femininity and inspire your confidence.

Necklace jewellery with black pearl and other stones – houlite, rock crystal, agate, or any other stone from our Menu – is extremely adaptable to every style of outfit. Whether you’re wearing a fitted classic suit or a cosy jumper, these handmade neck jewellery pieces are the perfect addition to any outfit.
Natural stone jewellery, already loved and appreciated by customers, has taken up residence in the Minimal touch online shop. Buying here is easy and convenient! Buy handmade jewellery online and avoid the hassle of queuing in shops. Artfully packaged jewellery will reach you in just a few days from Vilnius and Kaunas to Klaipėda and Telšiai!
Dress up and be glamorous!