Handmade carnelian neck jewellery is jewellery for fiery women. But they will also appeal to women who are looking to ignite their inner fire.

Carnelian has long been known as the stone of love and courage. It embodies playfulness, good humour and feminine energy. Carnelian’s bright red colour inspires positive thoughts and determination. A woman who chooses carnelian jewellery will awaken a hidden desire to act. Carnelian is believed to help discover new talents and regain a love of life. Carnelian stone protects against the dangers of travel, making it an ideal choice for women who travel frequently.

Carnelian neck jewellery will make you feel like a real queen. Wearing elegant neck jewellery will make you feel uplifted and like a magnet for the eyes of others. Handmade jewellery with natural stones will make you look flawless on any occasion. Whether you’re dressing up for a birthday party or a romantic getaway, have complete confidence in the power of these jewels. Not only will they look great, but they will also serve as good luck charms.

Exceptional neck jewellery with carnelian is chosen by clients who want a bold style accent. Handmade jewellery with natural stones does not go unnoticed by men, who surprise their sweethearts with stunning jewellery or sets of jewellery.

We invite you to be original and create your own amazing jewellery set. Carnelian neck jewellery, oxidised silver earrings and a bracelet with smoky quartz – why not? The different jewellery categories on our website are filled with beautiful minimalist jewellery. We have no doubt that you will find what your heart desires.

Avoid tiring queues at the shops and the hustle and bustle of the supermarket. You can take this time for yourself, as all our jewellery is available online in minutes. Relax and wait for your lovely parcel to arrive – the lovely courier service will deliver your goods to your home, packed in a very aesthetically pleasing and safe way. Whether you’re from Šiauliai, Utena or Vilnius, you’ll be enjoying these jewels soon!

Love yourself and bloom!