Ultra-feminine garnet neck jewellery that combines stylish minimalism with the power of nature, enchanting at first sight. It’s no wonder that garnet jewellery is one of our customers’ top choices. The silver chain and fine garnet beads are perfect for both casual and dressy looks.
Garnet is known as a stone that helps activate the inner fire. This stone is at its best when worn by active and hard-working people. If you are sure of what you want, but don’t have the determination to make it happen – garnet jewellery is your “must have”. It is a true talisman for active women, guaranteeing success.
Handmade garnet jewellery will strengthen your inner strength to help you achieve long-held goals. Wear garnet stone jewellery and you will gradually feel an even stronger sense of self-confidence, inner peace and knowing who you are. Women wearing garnet neck jewellery will revive their intuition and learn to listen to their spiritual needs.
This jewellery is indeed a sustainable choice, because it will shine for years! We use only the highest quality materials for our jewellery, so feel free to dress up and make other ladies happy. Mum, sister, dearest friend in the world, or maybe the ever-stylish grandma? Garnet neck jewellery will delight every woman. Handmade jewellery with natural stones is a stylish outfit that never goes out of style.

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