Heavenly dreamy neck jewellery with kyanite will make you feel positive every day. This is jewellery that is irresistible – the blue colour of kyanite has a dreamy feel, while the silver Venetian weave chain sets the stone in a very elegant way.
Handmade kyanite jewellery looks very playful and attractive. Minimalist neck jewellery with fine details does not overshadow a woman, but allows her to express herself, boosting her self-confidence. Jewellery that reveals the unique personality of a woman, enriched with the esoteric qualities of stone.
The kyanite stone is considered to be a stone of wisdom, self-expression and insight. This stone is adorned by women who seek to maintain inner peace and pursue their goals. Kyanite is believed to improve thinking and give the determination to improve. It is a stone that dispels anxiety and confusion and envelops you in positive energy. Cyanide will reveal its powers best in meditation, silence and listening to oneself.
Necklace jewellery with kyanite or any other stone from our extensive menu will delight every woman who loves stylish minimalism in jewellery. Each handmade Minimal touch piece is made from extremely high-quality materials. Handmade jewellery with natural stones can be an unforgettable surprise for a precious woman in your life. Your mother, grandmother, great friend or sister will be delighted to receive a carefully crafted piece of jewellery with a personalised message. Kyanite, black pearl, rose quartz, onyx, turquoise, rock crystal, agate – these are just some of the stones we offer, which are beautifully set in jewellery. From rings and earrings to bracelets and neck jewellery, every woman will find the perfect minimalist piece. All Minimal touch handmade jewellery is available online. The convenient online shop allows you to shop from the comfort of your home! Our wonderful courier service will deliver your jewellery safely packed all over Lithuania: from Vilnius and Kaunas to the towns of Klaipėda region. Dream and enjoy life!