Get ready to fall in love – an amethyst stone will open your heart to new feelings. The enchanting lilac-coloured gemstone, linked to a silver chain, will melt even the biggest ice-cream inside. This is very feminine handmade jewellery for fans of elegant accessories.
Amethyst neck jewellery will bring clarity to the wearer. Amethyst will allow you to be yourself and free yourself from weaknesses that hinder your progress. This stone with its special qualities will allow you to enjoy the here and now, putting aside anxiety, bitterness and lack of self-confidence. Wearing the magical amethyst stone talisman, you will learn forgiveness, understanding and patience. Amethyst will cast sadness aside, opening up new horizons.
Fine neck jewellery with amethyst will allow you to master harmony by listening to your inner needs. With the help of amethyst’s powers, you will discover hidden talents and regain your confidence. Amethyst neck jewellery will accompany you every day, wherever you go, and allow you to focus on your favourite activities.
“Minimal touch’s mission is to make jewellery that the modern minimalist would want to wear every day. Our handmade jewellery with natural stones goes with both casual and festive outfits. They are not meant to be dusty on the shelf – they must be enjoyed every day. We are pleased to offer a wide range of jewellery to suit every woman’s needs, from delicate earrings and necklaces to elegant bracelets and rings.

Each stone is unique and carries a different message, so you can choose the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one. The powerful talisman amethyst, the feminine softness of rose quartz, the classic pearl, the relaxing amethyst, or the concentration-boosting houlite? Don’t be afraid to mix and match jewellery with different stones to create a unique jewellery set that no one else will have but you.
All jewellery can be conveniently and quickly purchased in our online shop. We will deliver your handmade jewellery safely packed and delivered to your doorstep all over Lithuania, from Vilnius to Klaipėda region. Buying online saves you not only time, but also money – we offer jewellery at prices that are very friendly and affordable for everyone.
Dress up and discover new colours of life with Minimal touch!