A name is much more than a combination of letters. It’s your personality, your character, maybe even your destiny. So why not immortalise your distinctive mark – the first letter of your name – in a beautiful minimalist neckpiece? Our loyal fans have already fallen in love with the silver nameplate necklaces. But we didn’t stop there, and we’ve created something even more spectacular, even more attractive, even more foot-melting. These are gold pendants with a name letter and… diamonds!

Gold chain, gold letter pendant and flirting diamonds. Can anything be more beautiful? A full range of beautifully moulded name letters for each of you – from A, B to Z. Aquila, Beata, Monika, Lina, Rasa, or maybe – Svajune? No matter what your name is, let these minimalist diamond pendants speak for you! Wear them and let others guess what the letter stands for. Maybe you want to be immortalised by your name, a nickname or the first letter of that heady word that the Love of your life calls you? Let your imagination run wild and let the diamond-encrusted letter embody what is dearest to your heart.

Top quality diamonds and luxury gold

“Minimal touch jewellery is of the highest quality. When you choose neck jewellery with diamonds, you’ll not only look great, but also have good energy. We make every piece of handmade jewellery with great love. We source our raw materials from carefully selected suppliers, so that our jewellery will delight minimalists for years to come. Brilliant letter pendants will fit in perfectly with any of your styles, both casual and festive. Long, softly shining chain pendants with a name letter around the neck will look very tempting and make people turn around. It’s a fabulous piece of jewellery that goes with everything and you won’t want to stand out!

Handmade neck jewellery with diamonds – a precious gift for women. A modern classic that will captivate every sophisticated taste in the fairer sex. Give an exceptional quality piece of jewellery with the letter of the name of a woman dear to you. No matter who you’re treating – your mum, your sister, your best friend – this special woman really deserves it. Men should also look out for contemporary handmade pieces. A necklace with a letter of the name will delight the woman you love on St. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Love Anniversary or Birthday.

Attractive price and fast delivery

We strive to make our handmade products affordable for everyone, which is why our online shop offers the best prices on the market.

Buying online is really convenient – just a few clicks and your dream neck jewellery is on its way to you! Very feminine, durable jewellery will reach you or the woman you want to surprise in a beautiful box. Shipping is available to all cities and towns in Lithuania and abroad.

Shine, love and be true Goddesses of your life!