Engagement is like the official starting point of a life together, so it’s natural that men want to give their betrothed not only a memorable moment, but also an impressive, beautiful engagement ring. Those looking for that subtle and elegant touch should definitely take a look at our products.

Our range gives you the chance to discover your special engagement ring
Our e. The engagement rings in the shop will not go unnoticed – they catch the eye with their perfect duo of modesty and elegance. A thin metal ring holding the gemstone securely in place – any girl who loves tasteful jewellery will appreciate this combination.
Classics fans will love the friendship between shiny gold and diamonds. The versatile colour of this gemstone makes it an ideal match for yellow, white or rose gold. This luxurious ring is charmingly minimalist, but at the same time it certainly doesn’t lend itself to being described as plain – the brilliance of the diamond demonstrates impeccable refinement.
Fans of handmade products will also find options to their liking in our range. A silver ring with a green diamond looks really impressive. The sophistication is enhanced by the slightly matt, uneven texture of the ring, the golden crown is a luxurious touch and the gemstone is a stunning green colour.

The black accent in the design of the engagement ring is a solid, luxurious and original solution. So our scar-crafted engagement ring with black diamonds will definitely appeal to girls who like to stand out and adore sophisticated accessories. A silver ring with a rough surface, a gold crown and a black gemstone – a trio that leaves no doubt that this minimalist yet luxurious piece of jewellery is for a special lady.

Engagement rings from Minimaltouch.lt
We are pleased to offer each of you the opportunity to choose and buy your ring online – very convenient for time-savers. When you buy e. In-store, you are independent of time and strategic location, so you can shop from home, work or even on holiday in another country.
We offer you high-quality, stylish and luxurious engagement rings with precious stones at an attractive price. The website includes real photos of the rings, key information and exact prices. Buying here will not only be convenient and fast, but also safe.
We can arrange delivery in Lithuania or abroad.