Minimalist rings adorned with tiny diamonds will make any woman’s heart sing. These are exceptional rings, where diamonds come alive in a different way than you are used to seeing. Here, they become part of a harmonious simplicity, giving a gentle luxury. The diamonds in Minimal touch rings are very subtle and do not overshadow the woman. Brilliant diamond rings allow a woman’s personality to blossom even more, as a graceful addition to her blossoming charisma.

The silver ring of stylised roses encrusted with a black diamond envelops you in a romantic mood. This is a ring that dreamy women will love at first sight. This silver ring with black brilliant cut diamond will help you to reveal your femininity and softness. This handmade ring with rose motifs and brilliant cut diamonds is a very intimate piece of jewellery that, once tamed, will reveal the power of femininity.

Another Minimalist treasure is an oxidised silver ring with a sparkling diamond encrusted in a gold crown. This tiny, finely detailed ring combines three materials: mysterious oxidised silver, classic gold and divine diamond. It is the ideal choice for women who want to adorn themselves with a unique and special piece of jewellery. This ring should also be considered by men who want to surprise a loved one on the occasion of a birthday, a major holiday or even an engagement. This stunning ring will captivate the wearer not only with its harmonious beauty, but also with the highly balanced energy of silver, gold and diamond.
Engagement rings with diamonds
“Minimal touch handmade rings perfectly capture the intimate moment of your engagement. In our online shop you can buy a one-off ring for a unique moment of shared happiness at a lower price. Choose from some of our most stunning creations: a cheerful ring with a green diamond, a seductive ring with a black diamond, a Say Yes ring specially designed for engagements, or a ring you’ve never seen before, adorned with as many as 35 diamonds!

A silver hoop with a gold crown and a cheerful green diamond is the perfect accessory for the minimalist who never lets boredom into her life. It is a very pretty ring with an accentuation of the gracefulness of the hands. The girl or woman who receives this gift as a token of true love will not be indifferent and will enjoy the ring for decades!

If you want to buy a ring with a more savoury look, a handmade silver ring with a black diamond is ideal. This is a minimalist silver hoop ring with a mysterious black diamond detail. This ring will speak of love in an expressive and stylish way. A woman wearing a black diamond ring will feel special and loved, surrounded by the care and attention of her lover.

The classic engagement ring “Say yes” was born in our workshop with the unique bond between two loving souls in mind. This ring is just made for THAT perfect moment. This gold ring with a white brilliant cut diamond that sparkles beautifully in the light is sure to become your sweetheart’s favourite piece of jewellery. This is a versatile ring for everyday wear – very comfortable and easy to adapt to different outfits. The ring can be cast in yellow or rose gold on request.

For an ultra-luxurious engagement, we’ve designed a royal gold ring with 35 brilliant-cut diamonds. This ring is worth giving to a woman who is confident and courageous in life. A fine diamond ring will accentuate a woman’s elegance and grace. It is a durable, handmade jewellery piece, made to order. Only she will be adorned with this exquisite ring, so feel free to give it to a woman who loves the original and rare.
Rings made of high-quality materials
Handmade Minimal touch jewellery is not only of excellent quality, but also very affordable. That’s why diamond rings can be bought by every woman and gifted to her beloved by her husband. These are beautiful-looking, long-lasting pieces of jewellery that are destined to be passed on from generation to generation.

You can buy diamond rings or jewellery with various gemstones in our online shop. We invite you to take a look around our extensive range and discover the jewellery you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Buying online is really smart. This way, you will avoid the distractions of the supermarket and the annoying question of where to buy quality jewellery.

We only use certified materials to make our jewellery, so we guarantee impeccable quality. Once we’ve made your bespoke jewellery, we’ll deliver it to you at lightning speed! A beautifully wrapped gift for yourself, or maybe a surprise for a dear woman, will reach the owner of the jewellery throughout Lithuania and abroad – from bustling cities to small towns.

Dress up and enjoy life – you deserve it!