Enchanting gold takes a beautiful shape in handmade rings. This is irresistible jewellery that every woman who is looking for what is real and eternal will fall in love with. Minimalist handmade rings adapt perfectly to a wide range of outfit styles, embedding themselves in stunning elegance.

A woman who appreciates exclusivity should choose a silver ring with a handmade gold heart. This ring has won the love of customers for its unique blend of simplicity and luxury. Choose a silver ring with a heart of gold to add a long-lasting, highly romantic, high-value piece of jewellery to your jewellery box. The gold heart ring is a perfect match for the Minimal touch handmade neckpiece and tiny earrings from the same series.

The silver ring with golden arc-shaped links looks very luxurious, gives you confidence and attracts the eye of others. Choose between different ring widths – a single silver hoop, two or even a three-joint. The original rings blend effortlessly into a woman’s style, perfectly complementing both modestly solid and frenzied evening outfits.

Minimalists will love a silver ring with a gold plate. The wavy silver hoop of the ring, combined with the perfectly and evenly polished gold plate, will not fail to impress. This ring is a very apt reflection of the philosophy of minimalism – simple but special and durable. Feel free to buy it for yourself and as a gift. Such a good price!
Gold rings with diamonds
Gold rings with brilliant-cut diamonds in an exclusive luxury setting can make a unique gift for an important occasion. Or maybe you’ll give this ring to yourself? You can choose a ring with a coloured green, black or classic light diamond.

This very elegant hammered silver hoop ring with a green brilliant cut diamond is the ideal piece of jewellery for minimalists who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. We have no doubt that you will fall in love with this ring at first sight, and the cheerful colour of the diamond will bring bright and positive thoughts into your daily life.

For mysterious seductresses, a silver ring with a gold crown and a black diamond is the best choice. This is a handmade ring of unique beauty that every woman who appreciates quality of life will love immediately. This ring is luxurious, expressive, but at the same time cosy and personal. Our rings are small and comfortable to wear, so once it’s on your finger, you won’t want to stand out for a moment!

And if you’re looking for a piece of royal luxury jewellery, we recommend a one-off handmade ring with up to 35 diamonds! This ring is every lady’s dream. Brilliant diamonds arranged in an ideal golden ring arc will set you in a special kind of luxury. The gold ring with diamonds is very comfortable and small, so you can wear it not only during the holidays, but also every day. This ring doesn’t belong in a jewellery box, it deserves to be seen and adorned, so go ahead and flaunt it!

Rings in gold with precious stones
Women who love stones should buy beautiful rings with stones. One of them is a silver ring with a gold crown and an encrusted smoky quartz. Smoky Quartz is a stone of meditation, joy of life and intuition. A woman wearing a ring with a smoky quartz will eventually regain her confidence and invigorate her mind. It is a calming, loyalty and friendship stone that will look simply incomparable on your finger in addition to its magical properties.

This gold ring with pearl is a real treasure of elegance for fans of minimalism. A very delicate, small ring to capture the special and everyday moments of life. The two opposites – softly shimmering gold and classic milky white pearl – create a bold and striking combination. A handmade gold ring in pearl – so handy to take with you wherever you go! You can wear this ring every day – it will fit in perfectly with your other jewellery, and it will shine even brighter if you wear a pendant or bracelet with a pearl.
Gold rings for all occasions
The range of handmade gold rings in the Minimal touch online shop will delight every minimalist’s heart. We are constantly adding to our jewellery catalogues. All the rings are different, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re dreaming of here. Or maybe the ring will make a wonderful gift for your beloved mum, your coolest friend or your sweet sister?

Men should also pay attention to handmade gold rings – these jewellery pieces will instantly disarm the heart of your beloved. Give a luxurious ring to a woman on her birthday, an important anniversary, St. For Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. A lovely ring with gold is the perfect choice when you’re getting ready to surprise your loved one with an engagement. Exceptional, high-quality rings are prized by original women.
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Making each piece of jewellery is a meticulous process that we carry out with great love. We guarantee that the very feminine Minimal touch jewellery you buy from us will delight you for a long time and, if properly cared for, will keep you shining for years.

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