Gift card 100€

Gift card 100€


If you have any doubts about what a charming minimalist might like, a Pearl or an Amethyst, a bracelet or a neckpiece – give her something that will definitely make her happy – a gift voucher for the real it girl!

The beautifully packaged card can be sent as a surprise directly to the birthday girl or to the customer for a personal presentation.

The gift voucher card will arrive with a unique code which, when used at at the last step of the shopping process, will give you the corresponding discount amount.

If you are unsure, please always contact us using the contact number on the website – we will be happy to help you with any queries, if they arise of course.

Happy gift-giving moments!

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Siuntimo būdas
• Try to protect precious metal jewellery from direct sunlight and moisture.
• Be sure to take off your jewellery when applying cream, lotion, make-up or oils. Also, avoid jewellery coming into contact with perfume.
• Nedėvėkite papuošalų (apyrankių ar žiedų) iš tauriųjų metalų atlikdamos namų ruošos darbus.
• Do not wear precious metal jewellery (bracelets or rings) when doing household chores.
• Do not store precious metal jewellery in an open bathroom - the constant humidity will cause oxidation. Remember that gold also has the ability to oxidise.
• Keep jewellery in separate bags. If it's a bracelet or a neck chain, make sure you keep track of the clasp so they don't get tangled and scratched.
Remember the most important thing - first and foremost, you are YOU and only YOU are your CENTRE!
If you need this jewellery urgently, please call us and we will arrange how we can help you more quickly. Phone +37069509094 - for all your questions.