Handmade neck jewellery with coral – quietly eloquent minimalist jewellery. These meticulously crafted jewellery pieces allow all the colours of femininity to shine through and inspire self-confidence.
A coral stone bead, linked to a silver chain, radiates a cosy calm. Natural stone jewellery envelops you in a cloak of elegance and luxury, making you feel extremely elated.
Coral is known as the stone of feminine energy. The bright and cheerful colour of the coral stone embodies a woman’s joy and passion for life. It is a stone that unlocks intuition and imagination and has extraordinary esoteric properties. A woman wearing a neckpiece with coral will free herself from fears and inner constraints. Coral stone is known worldwide as a good luck charm, offering protection against misfortune, financial loss and devastation.
Handmade neck jewellery with coral will make every day a pleasure. Wear luxurious minimalist jewellery wherever you go – work, the cinema or a romantic date. The jewellery will go perfectly with both an eye-catching evening dress and a classic blouse – a wonderful catch for all minimalist fans.

High-quality handmade jewellery with natural stones is appreciated for its durability and longevity. A woman who chooses neck jewellery with coral or other stones from the Minimal touch range will enrich her look with high-quality accessories.
Handmade multi-coloured stone jewellery can be the perfect gift for your loved one. You can buy this jewellery online in our shop at a very attractive price. Avoid tiring queues at the shops and stressful shopping. Choosing your jewellery will be a pleasure when you book with us. The beautifully packaged jewellery will reach your home in just a few days, wherever you are – in Šiauliai, Marijampolė, Varėna, Klaipėda or Vilnius. Just choose and enjoy!