Looking for a mysterious-looking piece of jewellery for yourself? Or maybe you’re looking for a special gift for a dear woman? You won’t go wrong with an exquisite handmade garnet ring. Minimalistic, yet very luxurious and charming, garnet rings will enhance your femininity and become unique style accents.

The garnet rings in our shop have already won the hearts of our customers. The oxidised silver ring hoop with a gold crown at the top and an encrusted garnet stone make this jewellery special. The oxidised silver on the garnet rings is highly original – the surface of the ring is lightly embossed with geometric shapes. It is a favourite among women who are looking for exclusivity in their style. It is a precious metal with a very mysterious and enchanting appearance.

The gold hoop on the top of the ring, enclosing the garnet gemstone, looks very elegant. The two materials are a perfect match, not only visually but also energetically. Gold has long been known to help active and goal-oriented people reach the top of their lives. The power of gold is enhanced by the garnet gemstone, which is one of the most prized in the world. Like gold, garnet enhances the inner strength of determined people and rewards them with success.

Rings are made to order especially for you. These are rings designed to show off your femininity and can be worn on special occasions and everyday. Garnet rings are very comfortable and go with a wide range of outfit styles, making them easy to match with other wearable jewellery. The romantic garnet ring will reveal its esoteric powers even more if you combine it with a necklace or bracelet with a garnet gemstone. No need to worry about where to buy the jewellery set you’ve always wanted – you’ll find stunning neckpieces or bracelets to match your rings in our shop.

“The Minimal touch e-shop is designed for you to make shopping convenient. Women will find a variety of handmade jewellery with stones, while men can order a wonderful surprise for their sweetheart. All jewellery is offered at a very competitive price that will save you money! Forget the long and tedious shopping in supermarkets – with us, online shopping is very fast and we deliver your very nicely packaged jewellery to your door! Whether you live in Klaipėda, Alytus, Utena or Vilnius, we’ll make sure your delivery is safe and lightning fast.

Love and walk bravely through life!