Our jewellery is unique because of the magical energy of the stones, combined with classic precious metals. The silver bracelet chain will look attractive and elegant on your wrist, while the gemstone will strengthen you emotionally and lead you to personal success.

Why are Garnet bracelets worthy of attention?
Garnet bracelets are the best cure for the fragile Muses. Garnet stone will help you to realise yourself, ignite your inner fire and activate your desire to achieve your goals. Handmade garnet bracelets will give you the motivation and strength to move forward with more determination towards fulfilling your dreams. Choose a garnet bracelet to ward off anxious thoughts or to protect the sensitive soul of a woman dear to you.

The silver chain with garnet stone, which is delicately adorned on the wrist, will commemorate your important moments and encourage you to make long-awaited changes. The feminine, handmade garnet bracelet will go well with other stone jewellery – an oxidised silver and gold garnet ring, a grey pearl bracelet or a smoky quartz neckpiece.

Buy garnet bracelets online
Buy our handmade jewellery online and enjoy stunning, minimalist-looking pieces in just a few days! We will deliver jewellery born out of a great passion for jewellery promptly, wherever you are – in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šilutė or Druskininkai.
Dress up and count your blessings!