This beautiful, handmade silver bracelet with a Labradorite will be a protective and calming talisman in the hectic everyday life of today.
The qualities you get with a handmade labradorite
Labradorite gives resilience, patience and endurance. It is a stone of stability, inner balance and feminine energy. Wearing Labradorite bracelets will prevent sudden mood swings and outbursts of emotion.

Handmade Labradorite bracelets will encourage you to finish the work you have started and forget past regrets. Start a new life with a piece of jewellery with a magical labradorite stone. Relying on this gemstone, you will accept change with equanimity, and the fulfilment of your desires will give you complete satisfaction.

Feel yourself and reveal yourself by choosing a luxury stone that carries a personal message. Labradorite, moonstone, tiger’s eye, onyx, aquamarine, or any other of our multi-coloured menu – you’ll be delighted every day when it’s set in a stunning piece of jewellery. Gemstone bracelets will go charmingly with ultra-feminine necklaces – choose the same or a set of different stones.
Handmade Labradorite bracelets in our online shop
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