Immortalise your name on a beautiful pendant and adorn it every day! The exclusive Minimal touch collection – neck pendants for women with a name letter – will whisper your name in style. The tiny and very pretty letter of your name – silver, gold, or maybe gold with diamonds – adds a quiet but eloquent touch.

We have no doubt that these handmade letter pendants will capture the hearts of minimalists at first sight. These are very intimate, small pieces of jewellery, without any unnecessary details. Perfectly crafted letter pendants delicately decorate the neck and reveal feminine necklines. The Venetian weave chain and the carefully crafted minimalist letters create a flawless combination.

The charming neck jewellery can be made with any letter from A to Z. The design of the letters on the pendants is designed specifically for this jewellery. Each letter is unique and one-of-a-kind, subtly speaking of your uniqueness.
Silver or gold chains with letter
The chain with the letter of the name can be either gold or silver.

Silver neck jewellery with letters will appeal to you if you appreciate simplicity and class. A silver chain gently flirts in the light, inviting a tiny silver letter to a dance of love.

And gold chain neck jewellery with your name carved in gold will wrap you in a veil of luxury and give you lots of compliments.

Breathtaking luxury pendants for women – brilliant letter pendants. These neck jewellery pieces will make you sparkle wherever you go, whether it’s a celebration with loved ones or a romantic date. This classic gold chain shines beautifully with a letter that can be encrusted with up to 15 diamonds!
A suitable gift for women for any occasion
Pendants with a name letter are a good choice as a gift. Women who appreciate original and high-quality jewellery will love the letters instantly. If your dear friend, beloved sister, lifelong companion, or maybe your inimitable mother is celebrating a birthday – treat them to these lovely, high-quality jewellery pieces. Single gold pendants for women are the perfect gift for any occasion. The letter pendant with fine details will suit every style, whether it’s rocking leather trousers or an elegant silk dress.
Exclusive pendants online
You can buy minimalist pendants with letters in our online shop. It’s very convenient and easy to buy here! Buying a lovely gift for yourself or someone special online will save you a lot of time and money. And you won’t have to worry about delivery! Safely packed handmade jewellery will arrive at your door, wherever you are: in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipėda or any other lovely corner of Lithuania.

Dress up and love life!