Bracelets with kyanite, a stone symbolising the majesty of the mountains, are a true expression of inner strength. A woman adorned with beautiful handmade kyanite jewellery will radiate confidence and discover the path to inner peace.

Why are handmade kyanite bracelets special?
Kyanite is a stone that balances the senses. It clears away negative emotions and provides stability. Kyanite bracelets help you to make only thoughtful, conscious decisions, and awaken gentleness and alertness.
Magical kyanite bracelets will help you to prioritise your life in a way that makes you feel strong and confident. By keeping the kyanite stone jewellery, you will get rid of calamities, agitation and disturbances. Handmade bracelets with the charming kyanite stone will awaken creative minds. The cheerful blue colour of the gemstone will brighten up any outfit. If you’re looking for a lovely but precious gift for the woman you love, you’ll make her extra happy by giving her durable handmade jewellery with magical treasures straight from nature – royal kyanite, dreamy rose quartz, mighty agate or any other gemstone from our extensive range.

Kyanite bracelets online
By buying Minimal touch handmade products online, you will avoid the congestion and fussy time in the shops. We will deliver your unique jewellery almost at the speed of light to your city of residence – Kaunas, Alytus, Tauragė, Šiauliai or any other place in Lithuania. The extraordinary power of stones to help you conquer success!