Discover amber differently. The traditional Baltic stone, which has become part of a minimalist piece of jewellery, takes on an unexpected and very modern look. Amber jewellery that is completely different from the norm will delight the feminine soul that loves originality.

Magical properties of amber jewellery
Silver necklaces with amber beads will bring good luck and inner peace to their owner. Amber is considered to be a magical stone that protects against evil, gives creative thoughts and the ability to focus on what is important. Amber is believed to not only bring happiness and health, but also freedom from grief and guilt. It is the stone of love, so amber jewellery will help to revitalise established relationships and attract new, heart-warming feelings for souls longing for warmth. Amber stone also has calming properties – it dispels anxiety, anger, tension and chaotic thoughts.
The silver chain shining in the light and the cosy amber bead prove once again that genius lies in simplicity. With this stylish piece of jewellery, you’ll add a new spice to your outfits and, most importantly, you’ll always be accompanied by the magical powers of the stone. These amber jewellery pieces have a special meaning – a tribute to tradition and a tribute to modernity in one. If you give a special piece of jewellery to yourself or to an important woman in your life, you won’t go wrong – an amber necklace will reveal all its beauty and commemorate the warmest moments.

Making handmade jewellery is a process that we carry out with the utmost care and attention. By selecting only the highest quality materials, we ensure that jewellery with extraordinary power and a distinctive look will delight you or the special woman in your life for years.

Amber jewellery online
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“Minimal touch jewellery for your fabulous moments.