Handmade neck jewellery with amazonite stone – jewellery of exceptional energy. Amazonite is considered a stone of courage for women who are not afraid of life’s challenges. Neck jewellery with amazonite will not let you go unnoticed – the rare composition of two stone beads will attract the curious gazes of others like a magnet.
Amazonite has special properties. This stone can awaken creativity and intuition. It is an excellent talisman for people with a strong temperament. Amazonite helps to calm and strengthen empathy. Amazonite jewellery helps you learn patience and encourages you to nurture and grow your relationship.
Handmade amazonite neck jewellery is a true companion to success when starting a new job, starting your own business or embarking on other life changes. By combining the strengths of your character with the esoteric qualities of amazonite, you will achieve what you have been secretly dreaming of for so long. It can be a great talisman of encouragement for daily rituals and challenges. After all, only you will know that a small piece of jewellery that accentuates the graceful lines of the neck hides a great deal of feminine fortitude and courage.

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