Silver is a true classic. Versatile, timeless and so enchantingly luminous… These silver letter pendants are romantic, stylish and cute, emphasising femininity, and are already loved and appreciated by Minimal touch fans.

Silver letter pendants are a wonderful gift for both yourself and your sweetheart. Handmade jewellery that beautifully commemorates a woman’s name will appeal to romantic souls. Each letter is unique and one-of-a-kind, carefully thought out and designed by our jewellery team. These are very fine and elegant neck jewellery that subtly emphasises the feminine lines of the neck.

Lightweight and very stylish silver neck jewellery

And no matter what your name is – Monika, Rita, Edita, Justė or Dominyka – these jewellery pieces are sure to become your favourites! They are so light and adaptable to every outfit that you’ll want to wear them everywhere. The name letter necklace will look great with a casual T-shirt or a dress that hides a secret. This is your future daily companion, and you’ll get used to it in no time.

Silver pendants for women with a name letter will delight the owner of exquisite taste. This jewellery is very personal and completely unbanal. Give it boldly to your sweetheart, or perhaps your sister or mother – this pendant is sure to win the title of the most charming piece of jewellery.

Convenient online shop and best price

We invite you to buy and purchase our jewellery online. For your convenience, you can find all our handmade items – from earrings and neck jewellery to rings and bracelets – in our online shop. You will be pleasantly surprised by the very favourable prices when you buy online. All jewellery is delivered to your city or small town in Lithuania in a way that suits you. We will pack your quality jewellery in a beautiful box and guarantee the product.

Happy shopping and unexpected discoveries at Minimal touch!