If you’re looking for a unique, very feminine good luck charm – one that’s cosy and cute, close to the skin, almost invisible – you’ll love chrysocolla neck jewellery. A silver, classically woven chain and a luxurious chrysocolla stone create a stunning combination that you’ll want to wear every day. Durable handmade products for the crazy urban minimalist.
Chrysocolla stone has a unique look, with its mesmerising blue and green colours. It is a natural stone from nature and is called a bringer of hope. The esoteric powers of this stone make it easier to embrace innovation and calm down faster. Chrizokola gives patience and forgiveness. A woman wearing a chrysocolla necklace will discover inner balance and find peace. It is not for nothing that the Chrysocolla stone is considered one of the most feminine stones – when worn around the neck, it reveals feminine tenderness and a love for oneself and the world comes alive.
Handmade jewellery with natural stones will delight every lady who appreciates the real thing. “Minimal touch jewellery is made from only the highest quality materials, so it stays looking the same for years. Treat yourself to unique neck jewellery, without forgetting to treat the precious woman in your life – your mother, grandmother, sister or best friend. The wide selection in the online shop will delight every occasion, whether it’s celebrating a birthday or a personal victory. In our shop you will find silver and gold earrings, rings, neck jewellery, bracelets with or without stones and diamonds. The wide range will allow you to create a unique jewellery box and, most importantly, all the jewellery will fit perfectly together!

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