Handmade bracelet “Garnet” round

Handmade bracelet “Garnet” round


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Pomegranate – helps to overcome the dark passions – laziness, indifference, arrogance. It brings joy in life, success, material prosperity, social status, respect and good fortune to one’s offspring. It encourages unexpected changes and helps you to seek a higher goal without fear. Protection stone – protects against external dangers and hostile spiritual forces. A very strong calming stone: soothes the nerves, overcomes depression. Gives sharpness of mind and clarity of thought.

Chain – silver 925, stone diameter 6 mm, weight from 1,07 g to 1,20 g.

You can choose the length that suits you best, but don’t worry if the bracelet is too long or too short – I’ll fix it for free.

The length of the bracelet is very easy to determine. Measure the circumference of the wrist by holding the centimetre against the skin, but do not squeeze or loosen it – this will be the measurement needed for production. Then select your number at the bottom of the “Wrist circumference”, but don’t move it – choose the exact number of cm that your measurements show. I will make the bracelet 1 cm longer, so that it will be as pictured – a little looser, optimally suited to your hand.

Once ordered, this bracelet will be produced and dispatched within 5 working days. If you would like to receive your jewellery earlier, please contact us by phone.within five working days.

This piece has been hallmarked in the Lithuanian Assay Office.


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14,5 cm, 15 cm, 15,5 cm, 16 cm, 16,5 cm, 17 cm, 17,5 cm, 18 cm, 18,5 cm, 19 cm, 19,5 cm, 20 cm, 20,5 cm

• Try to protect precious metal jewellery from direct sunlight and moisture.
• Be sure to take off your jewellery when applying cream, lotion, make-up or oils. Also, avoid jewellery coming into contact with perfume.
• Nedėvėkite papuošalų (apyrankių ar žiedų) iš tauriųjų metalų atlikdamos namų ruošos darbus.
• Do not wear precious metal jewellery (bracelets or rings) when doing household chores.
• Do not store precious metal jewellery in an open bathroom - the constant humidity will cause oxidation. Remember that gold also has the ability to oxidise.
• Keep jewellery in separate bags. If it's a bracelet or a neck chain, make sure you keep track of the clasp so they don't get tangled and scratched.
Remember the most important thing - first and foremost, you are YOU and only YOU are your CENTRE!
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