Handmade ring with black brilliant cut diamond “Let me love You”

Handmade ring with black brilliant cut diamond “Let me love You”


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Minimalist ring with a black diamond. The hoop is made of 925 silver, the top of the ring is 585 gold and 0,015ct black diamond. This ring is a quiet expression of minimalism, with the quiet luxury accent of a diamond.

Once ordered, this ring will be made within 10 working days.

This ring has been hallmarked in the Lithuanian Assay Office and comes with a diamond certificate.

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15,5, 16, 16,5, 17, 17,5, 18, 18,5, 19, 19,5

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• Do not store precious metal jewellery in an open bathroom - the constant humidity will cause oxidation. Remember that gold also has the ability to oxidise.
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